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When you buy BITs, you own an economic interest in a specific income-producing property. And owning income... is a good thing!
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Historically real estate wins

Over the long ­term Real Estate has out­performed the stock market. Smart investors know that having a percentage of your portfolio in real estate investments can be a contributing factor to preservation and growth.

2000 - 2017

Returns based on $5000 investment


Real Estate

*Compound Annual Return


S&P 500

*Compound Annual Return
Source: Real estate return data is from FTSE NAREIT US Real Estate Index Series (All REITS). S&P return data is from Disclosure Real Estate return data should not be used to estimate returns of BuildingBits investments.

The future of real estate investing

“90% of millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young wage earner today invests their money in real estate.”

– Andrew Carnegie

Until now...

Federal Regulations prohibited smaller investors access to large-scale investment opportunities like Commercial Real Estate. The law only allowed accredited investors to participate and reap the rewards. This left everyday investors only a few options to grow their wealth.

As the years passed, this dated legislation fueled the gap between income classes and it was just a matter of time before something had to change. In 2015 new regulations gave birth to a whole new playbook for investing. That’s where BuildingBits comes in.

BuildingBITs has leveled the playing field

BuildingBits is a powerful alternative to investing in traditional high-yield savings vehicles. With an emphasis on newer construction, quality tenants, long-term leases and reduced transaction fees, we offer a new class of conservative investments designed to complement all level of investment portfolios.  For as little as $500 you can add Commercial Real Estate to your personal wealth strategy!


It's so easy! Because we believe in 100% transparency we make it simple to browse, explore and dig deeper into the detailed information about key investment attributes such as tenants, location, financials, and more for each property. When you find the property that is in alignment with your unique investment goals and personal preferences -- it's time to buy some BITs!

BITs are a fractional share in the economic rights of a wholly-owned subsidiary that holds title to the specific property you choose, with profits and losses of the subsidiary flowing up to you and other BIT Holders!  When you buy with BITs you're investing in the best part of Real Estate... the equity interest! 



Browse the buildings that appeal to you personally and offer the returns you feel meet your investment needs


Buy as many BITs as you want through a simple investment process.


Once your building is fully funded, earning income and appreciation potential kicks in!


Diversify your real estate portfolio by buying different BITs

Browse our latest properties

South Star Urgent Care

Medical Built In: 2019 Size: 3,750 SQ FT
Reg A

Funded: 22.12%

Location Ville Platte, LA

BB Rating‌™

Projected Cap Rate 8.0%

View building

Scooter's Coffee

Retail Built In: 2018 Size: 450 SQ FT
Reg A

Funded: 13.08%

Location Kansas City, MO

BB Rating‌™

Projected Cap Rate 6.1%

View building

AT&T Retail Building - Maplewood

Retail Built In: 2018 Size: 4,305 SQ FT
Reg A

Funded: 23.46%

Location Maplewood, MN

BB Rating‌™

Projected Cap Rate 6.1%

View building

Hollywood 12 Multifamily Portland, OR

Multifamily Built In: 2018 Size: 9,889 SQ FT
Reg D 506(c) & Reg A Pending

Funded: 0.80%

Location Portland, OR

BB Rating‌™

Projected Cap Rate 5.3%

View building


Trying to compare Commerical Real Estate investments is tricky. With so many data points and environmental factors to consider it can feel like comparing apples to oranges. That's why our experts with over 21 years of combined Commercial Real Estate experience have created a proprietary rating system, BB Rating, to help evaluate properties!

Our algorithm creates a 5 point rating for each property by crunching data on multiple key inputs including tenant credit rating, duration of the remaining lease term, quality of the location, return on investment, etc. The rating adds a holistic lens to your usual investment research.

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